Diamond Guarantee/ Trade-Up Registration Certificate & Policy

A diamond guarantee and trade-up registration certificate, indicating the minimum specifications of your stone, is available with the purchase of jewelry items containing at least one diamond, Simply call The Exchange Catalog and request your certificate. You may trade up your diamond jewelry item at any time, through any AAFES exchange that has a Fine Jewelry Program or through The Exchange Catalog. The original purchase price of your trade-up will be applied toward the purchase of a new diamond item with at least a 50% additional value or greater, providing the following conditions are met:

A. Diamond or other gemstones are not damaged or missing from the mounting.
B. The diamonds are still in the original mounting.
C. The mounting is not altered.
D. The certificate, showing price paid and date of purchase, is presented with the item when trade-up is requested.

NOTE: Trade-ups are subject to ASER regulations which stipulate that diamond jewelry shipped/purchased in CONUS cannot exceed 1.00 carat per stone; diamond jewelry purchased/shipped overseas cannot exceed 3.00 carats per stone.