$20 AT&T Global PrePaid Card for Ship-to-Shore Calling Terms and Conditions

By using this prepaid phone card, you consent to the terms, conditions, rates and charges below and in the service guide at www.att.com/prepaidguide. Also available from Customer Care at 1 800 569-2018.

  1. A surcharge not to exceed $0.57 applies to U.S. pay phone calls, a portion of which compensates pay phone providers. Minute value applies to state-to-state calls only. $20 value based on 10¢/U.S. domestic minute. International and Direct Ocean Service rates are higher than U.S. state-to-state rates and differ according to destination called. Rates for calls made to or from mobile phones may be higher. Recharge minutes may have different rates, surcharges, restrictions, and terms and conditions and are not refundable. Call Customer Care at 1 800 569-2018 for all rates, recharge and surcharge information, or visit www.att.com/prepaidguide for additional information.
  2. This Card can be used to place the following types of calls: Direct Ocean Service calls; in-state and state-to-state consumer calls where service provider is authorized to carry such calls; outbound international calls from the U.S. to over 200 locations around the world; and inbound international calls to the U.S. and from country to country outside the U.S. from select countries with the use of the AT&T USADirect® Service. Call Customer Care for available countries and country codes before you leave the U.S. Card cannot be used for toll free calls, calls for paid services with premium charges, or for certain operator-assisted calls. Directory Assistance rates are higher than rates for other domestic calls.
  3. Safeguard Card and PIN. You are responsible for any loss, theft or unauthorized use.
  4. Service provider makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the condition or fitness of the services offered for any particular use or purpose. As permitted by law, the liability of service provider shall be limited to direct damages for any personal or property injury, and for all other claims to an amount equal to the charge for the affected services. IN NO EVENT WILL SERVICE PROVIDER, ITS EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR ANY COOPERATING SERVICE PROVIDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, RELIANCE, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.
  5. You agree that the exclusive remedy for all disputes arising out of purchase or use of this Card, except for matters you take to small claims court, is arbitration by an independent arbitrator. YOUR DISPUTE WILL NOT BE HEARD BY A JURY OR IN COURT AND MAY NOT BE MADE PART OF A CLASS ACTION. Arbitration does not apply to California residents for disputes arising in California.
  6. Card may be suspended or terminated without notice if service provider has reason to suspect fraudulent use. Card is not returnable or exchangeable unless defective. Card is rechargeable. Minutes do not expire. Call times are billed in one-minute increments; partial minutes used are charged as full minutes. Service provider reserves the right to impose a maximum U.S. dollar value and/or number of minutes that may reside on a Card.
  7. Complaints not resolved to your satisfaction may be directed to the appropriate state regulatory agency in the state where Card was purchased.
  8. Service provided by AT&T Corp. or affiliate; by AT&T Alascom in Alaska. Service provided where authorized.

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