Gift Card

Q: What are exchange privileges?

Exchange privileges are granted to authorized customers from all branches of the military service and other authorized federal departments or agencies serving with or on temporary duty with the U.S. Forces throughout the world. Anyone with exchange privileges may receive an Exchange Gift Card to include Active Duty, Retirees, Reservists and National Guard personnel and their dependents.

Q: Where can they use the Exchange Gift Card?

The Exchange Gift Card can be redeemed in the Exchange retail and food facilities, to include 90% of OEF/OIF locations. The Exchange Gift Card can also be redeemed at Marine and Navy retail locations. They are not redeemable at The All Services Exchange Catalog or the Exchange Online Store and the Coast Guard Exchange.

Q: Why should I purchase the Military Exchange prepaid cards?

For service members to receive the best calling rates from OEF/OIF, senders should take advantage of the savings and purchase the Military Exchange 550 and 300 Minute Prepaid Card as it offers the best value when calling home.

Q: What is the difference if I send a loved one an AT&T prepaid card purchased from another retailer?

Although AT&T phone cards are available at several domestic retailers, they do not offer the best value when placing international calls to the U.S as compared to the AT&T Military Exchange 550 and 300 Minute Global Prepaid Phone Card.

Prepaid phone cards are generally designed and marketed for use only within the 48 contiguous states by other retailers as the cards are generally sold for domestic use. Domestic retailers do not target nor negotiate low international calling rates to the U.S. Therefore, they set international prices higher, as their target market is domestic. Service members may be sent prepaid calling cards from home or provided pro bono prepaid cards from private organizations; however, the Military Exchange does not control the negotiated rates for these products and rates may be significantly higher as well as incur connection or other hidden fees. Additionally, other payment options are available when placing calls such as telephone calling cards, commercial credit cards, and collect calls. Using these products when placing calls from Iraq will be significantly higher and rates vary for each product. Telephone calling cards may include unforeseen charges, connection and service fees. Using the 550 and 300 Minute Global Military Exchange Prepaid Card offers the troops the best value when calling from OEF/OIF back to the U.S as they do not carry any hidden charges, connection fees and the minutes do not expire.

Q: What if my family or friends want to recharge minutes on my prepaid card?

Friends and family back home can "recharge" minutes to a deployed soldier's prepaid card. Simply have the deployed soldier provide you with the 800 number and pin number located on the back of the prepaid card. Then simply call the 800 number and follow the voice prompts to add minutes.

Q: What are the calling card rates?

See table below for highlighted calling card rates:

15 Cents / 143 Minutes 22.5 Cents / 80 Minutes
15 Cents / 143 Minutes 22.5 Cents / 80 Minutes
15 Cents / 143 Minutes 22.5 Cents / 80 Minutes